Net TV is one of the most watched Kurdish entertainment channel on satellite. Our broadcasting, dates back to February 2013 running our 24 hour program on both Nile Sat and Yahsat, and also, on local HD channels.

Net TV broadcasts the famous and popular Evin Jin u Jyan Show, which is considered as the most watched TV programs on Satellite TV within the Kurdish communities. In addition Net TV airs other popular programs such as (Netgram, Xośtam, Sheren Shereni and Koshki Net). Furthermore, NET TV offers variety of dubbed TV series which has attracted many viewers. 

NET TV is a private broadcasting channel owned by:


Evin Aso

Daniel Madlan







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Evin Jin u Jyan

The program is rated as number one watched TV program in Kurdistan region. Evin Jin u Jyan is presented by the popular Evin Aso. 

Evin Jin u Jyan covers wide and variety of topics relating to society, social affairs and much more. The content of the program is rich with  subjects and questions relating to an issue or a trending event. Evin Jin u Jyan is aired live every Mondays and Thursdays from 06:00PM to 08:00PM. The program has attracted both genders in different age groups. 



Netgram is a pure entertainment program dedicated to celebrities, new releases, life affair and much more. The program is aired live every Sundays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays starting at 06:00PM. Netgram is presented by three of our popular presenters (Shivan Hakim, Soran Ismael and Negar Qadar) 



Xośtam is where celebrities cooking skills and conversations meet. Hamasha, the presenter of the program, hosts the show with socialite, artists and public figures where the guest cooks their favorite dishes and Hamasha asks them random and controversial questions. Xośtam is aired live every Sundays and Wednesdays at 07:00PM.


Mewani Evin (Evin’s Guest)

It is a gaming program where Evin Aso (the presenter of the program) invites multiple celebrities, socialites, TV personals and public figures to the program. In the program, the guests are separated into two different groups where they compete by answering questions and playing games. The program is only aired during special holidays and festivities. 


Koshki Net

The program discusses trending topics relating to social and cultural affairs, the hosts/hostess of the program, point out the topic where they debate on the matter, usually professionals are invited as guests to provide solution or clarification to the subject matter. 


Sheren Shereni 

As Helen Keller states “Life is short and unpredictable. Eat the dessert first” well, in Sheren Shereni we try to deliver the exact philosophy. Chewaz Aso the presenter of the program bakes the most delightful, colorful and delicious sweets and deserts. She explains step by step of the process during the making. The show is aired live every Tuesdays at 07:00PM. 



Net TV has gained the trust of many business and companies since the establishment of the TV station for their branding and advertisement campaigns. Our dedicated and professional marketing team plans thoroughly to achieve the best result for our clients and their products. That is why our clients are extremely satisfied with the feedback of their advertisement campaigns with Net TV. 


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Net TV plays variety of top and trending Kurdish dubbed TV series. Our popular selection of American, Turkish, Korean, Indian and Iranian series have attracted viewers from all over Kurdistan region. 


Social Media 

Net TV is the holder of the highest record of social media ratings among all the Kurdish channels. 

Our Youtube channel viewers reaches millions of visitors on daily basis, our channel has been verified officially by youtube it self. In addition, we are awarded with the Silver Award by youtube for outstanding performance, since our channel is constantly loaded with all our productions and programs and our viewers can’t get enough of it.  

Our official facebook page is also attracted many viewers, only within one week, our posts total engagement reached over four millions. This also leads us a head of majority of the other Kurdish TV channels. 

Net TV’s instagram page is also another outstanding outlet for distributing our contents. Our page and posts reaches thousands of people within hour, in addition, our page has become a great source for many other pages to repost our contents. 

The popular presenter Evin Aso has reached over one million followers on instagram and on facebook she holds the highest number of followers within the Kurdish community facebook pages. Evin Aso has been selected by Viber as the face of media personal, that is why she is the only Iraqi and Kurdish public figure to have Viber sticker of her own in the Viber market. She also holds the highest number of members on Viber community which has been officially recognized by Viber.   


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